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About OUTrageous Voices

OUTrageous Voices is a gathering of lesbian writers and others who identify differently but know they belong at a lesbian writing retreat.

Check out our Q&A for first-time attendees of Outrageous Voices Writers’ Retreats!

We use the words "queer," "lesbian," and "women" as umbrella terms. We support and respect self-identification.


Twice yearly, spring and fall, we come together in Georgia, near Atlanta. We share workshops, storytelling, writing, reading, performing, and spoken word. Other activities include hiking, board games, and more. Swimming will be available at our Spring 2024 writers' retreat.

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At OUTrageous Voices, you will have the opportunity to write and share your work in a supportive environment. We welcome writers at all levels of experience, from beginners to published writers. 

Questions? If you have questions we haven't answered, we encourage you to email us at  

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